Doug's Games Page
Last updated: January 14, 2005

My buddies and I actively play War! Age of Imperialism, Risk 2210 A.D., Axis and Allies, Axis and Allies Europe, Axis and Allies Pacific, Age of Mythology: The Board Game and several other turn-based strategy games.

I am currently using this page to list our house rules for these games that we have formulated. These are listed below:

My company, Donohoe Digital LLC, developed a computer-based version of War! Age of Imperialism.  Our primary goal was to enable both synchronous and asynchronous play via internet and email.  In addition, we wanted to eliminate the problems found in the existing Axis and Allies CD-ROM game and other play-by-email (PBEM) systems:

  • Axis and Allies is the only game that has a CD-ROM version.
  • The Axis and Allies CD-ROM has several bugs, is no longer available (except on Ebay), requires the use of MSN and consumes the entire computer (in other words it is hard to play at work :-)
  • It is difficult to play several PBEM games at the same time unless you use multiple game boards or one of the shareware map utilities.
  • Rules enforcement is up to the players.
  • Recording moves is time consuming and error prone
  • Resolving dice battles requires use of a trusted dice server.

Details on War! can be found at the War! Age of Imperialism website. War! was named a finalist in the 2005 Independent Games Festival.

My company also turned a second passion, no limit texas hold'em poker into a computer game for practice and fun. DD Tournament Poker is the top selling poker software for PC, Mac and Linux! Details are at the DD Poker website.